Haemodialysis machines


5008/5008S therapy system

The 5008 generation offers a highly pragmatic approach towards the provision of ONLINE haemodiafiltration (HDF) while maintaining an awareness of the limited resources available in dialysis units. The 5008 therapy system not only provides unlimited quantities of sterile substitution fluid for a highly efficient ONLINE HDF therapy but intelligently applies the ONLINE concept to ease the otherwise labour-intensive priming and post-processing steps. Thus, ONLINE-Priming, ONLINEBolus and ONLINE-Reinfusion of the patient’s blood not only simplify standard handling procedures but also eliminate the need for ready-made solutions from bags.

In addition, the 5008 therapy system embraces a wide range of advanced treatment options like blood volume monitoring and paediatric dialysis that further improve treatment efficiency (like mixed HDF).

4008S Next Generation

The 4008S Next Generation haemodialysis machine continues the outstanding success of the 4008 series allowing you to utilise the benefits of cardioprotective haemodialysis. It combines technological enhancement with a clear emphasis on delivering the high quality haemodialysis treatment while maintaining its proven reliability and cost-efficiency.

The 4008S classic haemodialysis machine provides a range of features for high quality treatments, such as:

  • Online assessment of dialysis efficiency and dose (OCM®)
  • Ultrapure dialysis fluid (DIASAFE® plus)
  • Hygienic dry bicarbonate concentrate supply (Bibag®) as the basic configuration for all machines 

5008/5008S therapy system

4008S NG haemodialysis machine