Fresenius Medical Care offers a range of biocompatible dialysers to meet the clinical needs of all patients.

Fresenius Polysulfone® dialysers

Commonly regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for dialysis membranes, Fresenius Polysulfone® based dialysers combine high performance with excellent haemocompatibility and endotoxin retention.

FX-class dialysers with Helixone® membrane

Continuing to set the standard for novel dialysis products, the FX-class of dialysers combine an innovative housing design with an advanced dialysis membrane – known as Helixone®. This membrane provides an improved performance profile, excellent haemocompatibility and a high endotoxin retention capacity.

Manufacturing of the Helixone® membrane involves a process known as Nano Controlled Spinning (NCS™) Technology, which allows the creation of a defined pore structure and distribution profile of the inner membrane layer according to the desired application.

Inline steam sterilisation

This complex procedure delivers dialysers and filters with an exceptionally high degree of purity characterised by:

  • Sterility and pyrogenicity
  • Freedom from pore fillers
  • Proven integrity of the membrane fibres
  • Low rinsing volume 500 ml



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