Analysis Systems


The ageing population and the rising prevalence of diabetes and hypertension has led to an increasing number of people in Australia and New Zealand requiring haemodialysis. Reducing cardiovascular risk factors is a key priority for improving the prognosis of this growing patient group.

Fluid overload is a common condition amongst patients on dialysis and one of the major causes of mortality. Improving the treatment of hypertension and the correction of fluid balance have the potential to limit the development of left ventricular hypertrophy and increasing life expectancy.*

Fresenius Medical Care is committed to supporting clinicians in reducing their dialysis patients' risks for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality by offering innovative products and services at every stage of dialysis therapy. With this in mind, Fresenius Medical Care has developed analysis systems, such as the Body Composition Monitor, to enable the objective assessment of the total condition of dialysis patients. 

Body composition monitor (BCM)

*Left ventricular hypertrophy is present in 70% of the dialysis population

  1. Levin A et al. Am J Kidney Dis 1996:27:347–54.