multiFiltrate Ci-Ca Therapy System


multiFiltrate Ci-Ca® offers Regional Citrate Anticoagulation Therapies.

Advantages of citrate anticoagulation:

  • Preferred anticoagulation in CRRT in accordance with the KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline for Acute Kidney Injury1
  • Prolonged filter patency compared with heparin anticoagulation2
  • Reduced bleeding risk due to regional anticoagulation2
  • Omission of heparin possible, as mandatory with HIT||
  • Acid-base status adjustable3

Advantages of Ci-Ca® therapy with integrated Ci-Ca® module:

  • Reconnected citrate and calcium tubing’s clearly assigned on the cassette
  • Colour coding for intuitive setup
  • Different connectors for citrate and calcium to avoid mix-up of bags
  • Citrate and calcium flow coupled with blood and filtrate flows
  • Well suited set of disposables and solutions


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multiFiltrate Ci Ca Therapy System Machine