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Kidney Options – supporting patients with chronic kidney failure

Many people feel more involved in the decisions that need to be made about their condition if they have a better understanding of it and the treatments available to them. Kidney Options is for all patients with chronic kidney failure – and their families – who are about to start dialysis and need to make a decision with their doctor about what treatment will suit them best.

Using easy-to-understand language and coloured illustrations, Kidney Options explains the following important information:

  • How healthy kidneys function and how disease-related changes can affect renal function 
  • The various treatment options that are available including peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis, home haemodialysis and transplantation. The respective advantages and disadvantages of each are presented in a neutral and impartial manner
  • Basic information on medications that may be required and diet
  • Support organisations, patient groups and other sources of information about chronic kidney disease

Kidney Options has been designed to support patients & their families, as well as the entire nephrology team in assisting patients become better informed about treatment options for chronic renal failure. However, the program should not take the place of advice received from healthcare professionals. 

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