Hand Hygiene


At Fresenius Medical Care, our clinics are committed to providing high quality, evidence-based care to patients. To ensure that we are constantly evaluating and improving our practise, we monitor our standards of care regularly.

One of our key commitments is to maintain an optimum level of Hand Hygiene. In day-to-day life, our skin is our main mechanism of defence against the various germs we encounter. Therefore, maintaining good Hand Hygiene is essential in preventing health care associated infections and improving patient safety.

What is hand hygiene?

Hand Hygiene is a general term referring to any action or method of hand cleansing that removes or destroys micro-organisms on hands. The critical rule of correct Hand Hygiene is to perform it properly and at the right moment. Optimum Hand Hygiene can be achieved by 1:

  • Washing hands with soap and water, or
  • Using a waterless, alcohol-based hand rub

How does Fresenius Medical Care ensure high standards of Hand Hygiene to keep patients safe?

People   We provide ongoing education to all our staff in the clinics

Eye   We routinely monitor Hand Hygiene compliance

Checklist  We appoint at least one Hand Hygiene Auditor in every clinic to 

conduct observational competency checks

Calendar  Each Auditor conducts checks in 2 audit periods a year

Graph   We submit our results to a national database to ensure we are 

 consistently above average in Hand Hygiene quality

Fresenius Medical Care is currently above the national benchmark for hand hygiene by 5.4%. Figure 1 below shows our results compared to the national average from the latest audit period.

Graph for HH Standards RGB

Figure 1 Fresenius Medical Care Hand Hygiene results for 2017 to date

How can patients help reduce the spread of infection?

While we strictly adhere to safe hand hygiene practises in our clinics, we encourage patients and their caregivers to do the same. Check out some tips on how you and your carers can help stop the spread of infection.

light bulb

Many people think that germs are spread mainly through the air,

but they are actually more easily spread through hand contact! 2

Ensure your hands are always washed during these 4 moments:

Eating icon   Before eating

Cooking Icon   Before preparing food items

Toilet Icon   After going to the toilet

Liquid Icon   After blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing

Do not hesitate to inform the healthcare professional looking after your treatment if you feel any equipment has not been properly cleaned. If you administer your own dialysis treatment at home with Peritoneal Dialysis, please ensure you follow the correct Hand Hygiene guidelines provided by your care team.

Our commitment to you

We place enormous value on maintaining this practise. We take pride in our high standards of Hand Hygiene, and strive to constantly improve in this area so that we can provide you with safe and high quality care and treatment.


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