How to turn dialysis ‘green’?

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The ‘Green Renal World’ now @ your fingertips

Healthcare Professionals as well as Home Dialysis Patients can now access online the “Green Renal World” with a concrete “road map” to reduce the environmental burden of dialysis.

Did you know that Reverse Osmosis Reject Water can be reused for a lot of purposes? Or that most resource conservation practices are inexpensive to set up and maintain? This and much more around “Green Dialysis” is now available at your fingertips at

Barwon Health, Geelong (close to Melbourne), Australia, a long-term partner of Fresenius Medical Care is the world’s first green energy dialysis unit. Using leading-edge technology, coupled with the commitment from all stakeholders, this approach has become a benchmark in providing low energy cost dialysis services whilst also taking care of the environment.

Now Barwon Health is taking the next step: sharing its experience and expertise in “green dialysis” with the world. With the support of Fresenius Medical Care, Dr John Agar and his team developed an informative and engaging website to ‘spread the word’ about green dialysis and to motivate others to follow their sustainable example of ‘green medicine’.

The website provides a complete “Road Map to Green” and offers a number of simple measures "how to do" sections on water conservation and re-use, reducing power consumption, waste management and recycling, in addition to building re-design considerations for healthcare facilities.

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant every “green” thing you do is a step in the right direction. Start here, by checking out