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The new 5008 Therapy System - Beyond your expectations

The new ‘5008 Therapy System – Beyond your expectations’ provides enhanced therapy options, safety features and handling capabilities further improving management of ESRD.

The new 5008 Therapy System is soon to be launched throughout Australia and New Zealand.  With improved therapy options, safety features and handling capabilities, the enhanced 5008 technology platform will further support management of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) with the aim to improve patient outcomes.

Venous Access Monitoring (VAM) will now be universally available on all 5008 machines. VAM represents a sophisticated alarm management system that indicates sudden, small drops in venous pressure of approximately 15 mmHg, even when the venous pressure does not exceed the lower alarm limit. If an alarm occurs, the blood pump is stopped immediately and the venous clamp is closed. This increases the probability of early detection of venous needle dislodgement resulting in a higher level of patient safety and clinician confidence.

Features that have become synonymous with the use of the 5008 Therapy System have been further enhanced to improve handling and augment operator satisfaction. Significant changes have been made to simplify access, individualise screen settings and further support clinical practice involving single needle double pump haemodialysis, alarm management, disinfection of machines, and the administration of heparin, general treatment management and staff training.

With ready access to AutoSubPlus, clinicians can maximise the effects of haemodiafiltration (HDF) by delivering high substitution volumes with the security of additional haemoconcentration monitoring.1

The new 5008 Therapy System can now accommodate innovative treatment options including External Venous Access Monitoring, Mixed Haemodiafiltration, Paediatric Mode and specific Home Haemodialysis configurations.

If you would like more information on the new 5008 Advanced Therapy System technology and how that might work in your clinic, please contact us here.


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