RSA Conference Report


Key highlights from the recent Renal Society of Australasia Conference held in Hobart.

Fresenius Medical Care was proud to again support this year’s gathering of over 400 delegates for the annual meeting of the Renal Society of Australasia in Hobart. Held from 5–8 June 2013, this year’s theme was “Inspiration, Motivation and Collaboration” and the program explored issues from renal nursing and education to the challenges of managing patients with renal disease.

The conference kicked off with an inspiring grand opening address by Robyn Moore – a popular speaker who has worked in the education, advertising, communication and entertainment sectors for over 40 years. Her presentation “The Power of the Word” was geared towards personal development and enlightened her audience regarding the power of communication. She shared insights and tips on how to re-engage, re-align, re-invent, re-generate, re-mind and re-store yourself in all aspects of life. This inspiring start to the conference left the audience enthused, energised and ready to actively participate in the three day conference.

The highly anticipated international guest speaker, Dr Elizabeth Lindley from the Department of Renal Medicine in Leeds, United Kingdom was invited to attend the conference by Fresenius Medical Care. She enthusiastically shared her in-depth knowledge and years of experience of bioimpedance monitoring of nutritional and hydration status, using the Body Composition Monitor (BCM), to improve outcomes in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. Delegates were keen to hear case studies detailing her recent successes including practical applications associated with use of the BCM. To view a full summary of her talk, please click here.

Fresenius Medical Care presented their new renal online platform at this year’s RSA conference. With an overwhelming interest in our new Healthcare Professional E-newsletter, Fresenius Medical Care Connect, registrations were captured via our new online survey platform. This generated much excitement as both regular and new guests popped by to take a look at our latest product range, in particular the BCM.

Fresenius Medical Care’s strong commitment to research and innovation was also evidenced by the two abstracts of original scientific research accepted for presentation at the congress. One of the abstracts was presented by Dube and Chenoweth described a collaborative approach to improving Aboriginal patients’ compliance with haemodialysis and management of ESRD.This abstract highlighted that understanding specific cultural issues and how these impact on the individual is the first step towards improved health care in this setting.1 Another study presented by Chenoweth, demonstrated how implementing a quality improvement and risk management project across 19 Fresenius Medical Care haemodialysis clinics in Australia over two years resulted in a significant reduction in needlestick injuries for both patients and staff.2

To view the presentation slides on 'A collaborative approach to improve Aboriginal patients' compliance with haemodialysis and management of ESRD', please click here.

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