Watch Jacqui’s Story: "Dialysis was the start of a new life"

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"Dialysis was the start of a new life for me"

This is the amazing story of Jacqui - an Australian beach lover and grandmother of three who shares her story about how dialysis enabled her to start a completely new life. This is a video to watch and share. Here is her story.

When receiving the diagnosis of end stage renal disease, most patients face strong fears and are worried about their future. While everyone is unique, listening to other people’s stories about how they are coping with this situation and how they continue to live a fulfilled life can be reassuring for patients.

We recently interviewed and filmed Jacqui as part of a patient platform on our website. She is a passionate, energetic Australian beach lover and grandmother of three who has been undergoing home haemodialysis for the past 8 years. Jacqui kindly shares her insights into what living with dialysis is like for her.

While initially Jacqui feared that dialysis was “the end of her life”, it actually represented a new beginning. She explains how it enabled her to travel again both within Australia and overseas, and most importantly, how it has given her the opportunity to create new memories with her grandchildren.

It is hoped that her story will help encourage others on dialysis to realise that they can live full and enjoyable lives despite requiring treatment for chronic kidney disease.

If you know a patient or healthcare professional who might find Jacqui’s story useful, you can share her video here.

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