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New ISO Standards for haemodialysis fluids. Are you compliant?

Fresenius Medical Care Australia launched their new Water Testing Guidelines at a recent forum aimed to assist clinicians and technicians in their daily clinical practice. The 60 participants learnt how to apply them, in parallel to achieving the five ISO Standards relating to the quality of fluid for haemodialysis. A feature segment of the forum was from two scientists that presented on techniques used to analyse endotoxin and bacterial levels.

The new ISO standards for haemodialysis fluids are aimed to assist improved practice among clinicians and technicians as each patient is exposed to large quantities of water during a haemodialysis session in the form of dialysate. Therefore, the quality of water is essential to an effective therapy.

The forum began with an outline of the prefiltration and reverse osmosis path that water takes to ensure that it is suitable for haemodialysis therapy. Following was a discussion on the importance of using a closed loop, volumetric, hydraulic integrity tested dialysis machine together with endotoxin retentive filters in order to achieve the quality of online fluid required.

A special appearance by  two resident laboratory scientists visited in the afternoon and gave knowledgeable insights into the process and techniques used to analyse samples for endotoxin and bacterial levels. The experts from Fresenius Medical Care also took the chance to introduce the new Fresenius Medical Care Water Testing Guidelines – the ideal tool to achieve the new ISO standards.

The five ISO Guidelines for water quality are:

  • ISO:11663 2009 Quality of dialysis fluid for haemodialysis and related therapies
  • ISO:13958 2009 Concentrates for haemodialysis and related therapies
  • ISO:13959 2009 Water for haemodialysis and related therapies
  • ISO:26722 2009 Water treatment equipment for haemodialysis applications and related therapies
  • ISO:23500 2011 Guidance for the preparation and quality management of fluids for haemodialysis and related therapies

Concluding the forum, participants gave very positive feedback outlining how their daily clinical practice will improve as a result of the session and the opportunity meet others in the industry.

For more information, or to obtain your copy of the new Fresenius Medical Care Water Testing Guidelines, please contact your local Fresenius Medical Care representative or contact us here.

Stay tuned for more renal education forums coming your way.