Seamless connection between dialysis and IT within the clinic

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Fresenius Medical Care Australia introduces its Therapy Data Management System (TDMS) within its clinics to improve efficiencies and outcomes

As dialysis patient numbers continue to rise, there is a demand to improve efficiencies within dialysis clinics. Rising to this challenge Fresenius Medical Care Australia has introduced their Therapy Data Management System (TDMS) – a complete integrated IT solution (hardware and software) to support physicians and nursing staff within their dialysis units achieving a seamless workflow from dialysis device to quality assurance.

In 2011 Fresenius Medical Care Australia decided to implement TDMS into its clinics.  This powerful tool is not only able to support a HL7 interface, but also integrates with multiple technical platforms including the 4008S Next Generation and 5008 series dialysis machines.

Fresenius Medical Care has been able to customise the TDMS and integrate it into many of its existing IT systems resulting in a streamlined process of creating patient accounts, health fund billing, consumption projection of consumables, as well as collecting essential clinical key performance indicators.

TDMS also ensures accurate data collection during patient treatments and provides a useful tool to track patient progress over time. This tool has proven very helpful to staff when reviewing individual patient care plans while also providing accurate and timely information to nephrologists during patient clinic appointments.

TDMS forms part of the continuous improvement program within Fresenius Medical Care’s clinics and their TDMS working party meets monthly to further develop the system to ensure continuous quality improvement.  

To find out how Fresenius Medical Care can support you and your patients with TDMS please contact your local FME representative or contact us here

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